Church was never meant to become an institution or another one of the many organisations we attend. Church is meant to be the gathering of GOD’s FAMILY, a gathering of BELON...

60 Seconds

How easy is it to walk past something that looks disgusting (like this left over Maccas mess from the night before), comment about it and keep walking!?!

Time To Act

Who really knows and understands the workings and timings of God! He sees far beyond what we think could only be a possibility.

REVITALISE... there is power in a name!

Just saying the word REVITALISE feels like taking a big deep breathe that fills your lungs and enables you to do whatever is in your hand and heart. Revitalise just felt so...

All Sorts

There are all sorts of people on this planet. Living in a large metro city like Sydney allows you to meet all sorts of people. We are an international city. All sorts of natio...