An Aussie Church with a heart to revitalise people, communities & nations.

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Where everyone belongs


Revitalise is a part of the Australian Christian Churches

13 - 15 Cawarra Road, Caringbah

Every Sunday at 9:30am & 5pm




Our local church

We would love to take you on the Revitalise journey before you scroll to the very bottom of this page to register your interest. 


We both grew up in coastal suburbs on the East Coast of NSW, Australia. We met at a music and arts festival, fell in love and this year will celebrate 26 amazing years married. We have two incredible kids, Harmony (19) & Eli (17) who both love Jesus and together, as a family we are super excited about planting & building a Jesus-glorifying Church in Sydney's Sutherland Shire.

We have affectionately called Hillsong Australia home for almost two decades. Alongside Ps Brian & Bobbie Houston & a world class team, we are incredibly grateful to have been a part of seeing Hillsong Australia expand into many locations around our Island nation and beyond. With great passion for sharing the love of Jesus with all people, we are heading into a new season of building REVITALISE CHURCH... an Aussie Church with a heart to revitalise people, communities and nations.

Alongside many other great churches,.. we are about to plant a church on the east side of Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. We also have a deep desire to help strengthen churches and plant churches across our wide brown land...

It’s a step of faith we are confident to leap into, as we firmly believe, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.

Why the name REVITALISE? 

Because Jesus came so that everyone could experience new life and vitality in Him. (See blogs for more of the story). 

The Mission of REVITALISE 

An Aussie church with a heart to revitalise people, communities and nations.

To facilitate this mission we are looking to establish a REVITALISE HUB (a facility on the east side of the Sutherland Shire). 

In the meantime we will be meeting at 9 Resolution Drive, NORTH CARINGBAH.
(RVTLS are meeting at the Kingsway Community Church Venue - One minute drive from Sharkies) 
Time: 5pm (Doors & RVTLS Kids open at 4.30pm) 

What is important to REVITALISE... our local church? 

  • Jesus... because He is our centrepiece... the visible image of an invisible God. Only through His saving grace do we truly find new life.
  • People... because God loves people & people matter. 
  • Gatherings... because whether in small or large gatherings, our strengths are revealed and our need for community is realised. We are always better together. 
  • Family... because in a healthy family, diversity is a reality and everyone belongs! 
  • Celebration... because Jesus & people are worth celebrating in every season. Praise will be the sound that resounds from Revitalise. 
  • Generations... because a healthy community makes way for every generation to flourish. Starting with the children, youth & young adults... all the way to those who have made a way for others over many decades. 
  • Generosity... because generous people ‘show up’ practically, financially and spiritually to help, empower & bring solution & change to our local, national and global communities. 
  • Team... because everyone has something significant and unique to contribute. And it’s way more fun, doing life and building church together. 
  • Discipleship... because we are all on a journey to know Christ & make Him known. 
  • Faith... because as we step out in faith, led by the Holy Spirit, people will be saved, healed, restored, made whole, encouraged and inspired with direction to be everything God has designed them to be. 
  • Prayer... because God is always listening and prayer changes things.
  • Other Churches... because Australia and nations everywhere, need healthy, Jesus-glorifying churches. 
  • YOU... because on any given day you are a soul who needs relationship and you are a part of God’s redemption plan for the earth in whatever "spaces" of life you find yourself. Revitalise exists to help you know, own and influence your "Spaces" in life.  

How will REVITALISE get started?

  1. By you letting us know you are interested (Below)! 
  2. Team Gatherings... for those who desire to help make our church plant happen. 
  3. Start Up Parties... getting to know each other. 
  4. ‘Pop Up’ Church... Small & larger gatherings at Sharkies at Shark Park.

As you register your interest, we will let you know about the where and when of each event. 

Also feel free to follow RVTLS (Revitalise Church) on social media which will also keep you updated on the public gatherings. 

We are embarking on an exciting journey of building a church from scratch in the beautiful Sutherland Shire, and are planning on having a whole lot of fun along the way. 


We cannot wait to meet you. 


With thankful hearts

Joel & Julia A’Bell

Lead Pastors

Our Local Church

Until All Have Heard

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If you would like to contribute to Revitalise Church

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Thanks for stopping by and showing interest in our new church adventure. 
We can't wait to meet you.

Can you please let us know a little more about you and what's important to you?

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Stay in touch

If you would like to stay up to date with us, please fill in the details below so we can stay in touch!

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We are excited you want to attend REVITALISE Church and can't wait to meet you.

There will be some small gathering parties coming up soon to meet you and others. 

Please fill in the details below so we can keep you informed! 

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Thanks for your time. Feels like we are getting to know you more already.

We are just waiting for others to let us know where they are situated too so we can all meet each other.
We will be in touch very soon.

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Can’t wait for you to meet so many other amazing people in this community.

There will be lots of different areas to serve in no time at all, but right now if you want to get involved we are asking everyone to take a look at one of these areas - it's just a start to get things started! 😎. 

Please fill in your details below so we can keep you informed!

Weekend service events team
Worship & The Arts team
Kids team
People team
Youth team | Youth Adults team

  • Weekend service events team: Things like logistics, car park, seating, people flow, service structure and flow.
  • Worship & The Arts team: Things like singing, musicians, production, television, stage & set design, online social media, graphic design, communications, interior design, photography and dance.
  • Kids team: Things like parents room, early childhood, primary, kids creative, programming, welcome.
  • People team: Things like connect groups, people care, follow ups, welcome, seating communities, intercessor prayer, hospitality, cafe/coffee, discipleship, hangouts.
  • Youth team | Young Adults team: All things that involve young people including connect groups, hangouts and discipleship.

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We will be in touch very soon.

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Better Together.

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